Property Management

Cap Vermell Estate, has a highly-skilled team of professionals on hand who will take care, each in their specific area, of everything related to the maintenance of the property, both inside and out.

Project management service

Project management service: a team of architects, landscapers, interior designers and project managers at your disposal for whatever you may need.


24/7 security service.

Round-the-clock customer service

Round-the-clock customer service telephone to resolve any query or requirement that may arise from the client or the villa owner.

Villa rental

Villa rental: if the owner so requires, a team of professionals will take care of renting out the property when it is empty.

Similarly, the integral management service will deal with keeping track of, and keeping up-to-date with, all the administrative tasks that being a homeowner entails: payment of taxes, household supplies, municipal charges, Owners’ Association fees, insurances and mortgage, telephony, etc.




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