Indulge in the flavours of the Mediterranean, the textures of Asian cuisine, the best of Spanish tapas, a distinctive two Michelin stars experience and the savour of unique pastries... Cap Vermell Estate, right in the heart of destination Cap Vermell, is surrounded by the best culinary choices on the island... What do you feel like having today?

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Gastronomy without any ties, committed to the environment and with Mediterranean roots. Under the command of two Michelin Stars chef, Álvaro Salazar, Voro offers authentic yet modern recipes which are also a bit daring - dishes with depth and undertones. Appetising and surprising creations solely aimed at diners' enjoyment.

Two different constantly evolving tasting menus and a wine list with 300 Spanish and international references provide the foundation for this all-new project in the Cap Vermell Grand Hotel central plaza.




Healthy and tasty dishes full of energy and creativity. Daily set menus, fitness and vegan choices, revitalising smoothies... Down-to-earth delicious cuisine which is ideal for athletes, those who want to keep fit, those that enjoy eating out and those committed to a different kind of lifestyle which is, above all else, healthy. (Cap Vermell Country Club)




Japanese-inspired recipes with Vietnamese touches, hints of Thai, traditional ingredients from South Korea and Chinese techniques. It all fits in this all-new culinary proposal featuring quality, flavour and creativity. Recipes that will take you on a journey to faraway continents through taste, sight and smell.

The artful and meticulous design of each creation completing the delicious menu full of surprises is provided by chef Tae Rodríguez Yamaguchi, a Japanese descendant who has always been passionate about Asian cuisine. (Cap Vermell Grand Hotel)



The past and present of the Spanish tapas tradition are blended on the menu at this restaurant thanks to chef José Miguel Martínez who has created exclusive and original choices based on his own recipe book of the most traditional and genuine dishes in Spanish gastronomy. 

After all, having tapas is about more than just a culinary variety. It's a way of life that combines a biological need to eat with the social need to go out with friends and have fun. (Cap Vermell Grand Hotel)



A meeting place for Mediterranean gastronomy enthusiasts with signature cuisine touches. Cold and healthy starters, top-quality meat and fish, native Balearic Island recipes, seasonal market products, delicious Italian pastas and exclusive homemade desserts. (Cap Vermell Grand Hotel)


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